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What is the Hardest Online Game to Ever Exist?

by David

There have been many difficult games to play over the years. Some of them were challenging, while others were extremely frustrating. But there are a few games that stood the test of time and proved to be some of the most challenging online games ever released mynoteworld .

The first game on this list is the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. It was a brutal trollfest and one of the earliest examples of the ‘unfair’ genre. Players were forced to engage in trial and error principles to complete the game.

Then there was the collaboration between Mega Man and Bass on the GBA. This game was the hardest game in the Mega Man franchise.

Dark Souls is a punishing action game. In addition to its dark atmosphere, the game also rewards players with challenges. For example, the movement is often slow and deliberate, and the game has enemies that are eager to kill you.

There are a few new releases that have caught up to the difficulty level of older video games. One of these is the remastered compilation of the first two games in the Monster Hunter series Celebrity age.

Another example is the PSP release of Monster Hunter Freedom. A remastered version of the first two games in the series, this title will test your reflexes.

If you want to play something that is more difficult than what you have played so far, try the newest release from FromSoftware. The company’s new release in 2019 is an epic challenge for veterans and a challenge for non-Souls gamers alike.


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